Pearl Flower Magnets

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These faux pearl flower magnets make beautiful desk accessories at the office, or bulletin board decor at home. The flowers vary between white and ivory and have a smooth pearl finish. They're cute enough to use on their own, but strong enough to help hold up decorations for your wedding or baby shower. These classic vintage style pearls make excellent gifts for a co-worker's birthday or for Mother's Day.

We know that office supplies need to stand up wear and tear, so these magnets are permanently bonded with an industrial strength adhesive so you don't have to worry about the flowers falling off, even with daily repositioning. Don't let their delicate appearance fool you—we use super strong neodymium magnets that can hold 5-10 sheets of paper each!


  • Set of 6
  • Faux pearl flowers measure 10-13mm
  • Super strong neodymium magnets hold 5-10 sheets of paper

Remember that all magnets can be extremely harmful if swallowed. If you are planning on using these at home, keep them out of reach of any small humans or animals that may try to ingest them.