Cross Stitch Pattern Terms of Use

Cross stitch patterns are provided by our sister site, Squid Berry. 

By purchasing our listings, you agree to abide by these terms of use. 

Squid Berry retains all copyrights to patterns. By purchasing this listing, you are licensing Squid Berry patterns for the following uses. 

Allowable Uses:

  • You may download and print the patterns as many times as you would like. 
  • You may have patterns professionally printed at any printing service of your choice. 
  • You may resize, recolor, add to, or alter patterns in any way you wish for personal use. 
  • You may use patterns to personally create finished cross stitch projects to sell. 

Prohibited Uses:

  • You may not resell, trade, gift, or distribute patterns, either in digital or physical form. 
  • You may not use patterns in the creation of cross stitch kits, pattern bundles, or similar items. 
  • You may not upload patterns to sharing sites. 
  • You may not use patterns in the creation of commercially manufactured items that you do not personally create.