I Work For My Cat Notebook

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We all know that the real reason we slave away all day is to satisfy our cats' ever-changing taste for only the finest things in life (or the boxes that they come in). Choose between blank, lined, bullet, graph, and sketchbook paper options to customize the notebook to your needs. 

We designed our notebooks with quality in mind, so be prepared to feel the difference. We use a high quality smooth paper stock that makes writing with pens and fine line markers an effortless experience. In the sketchbook version we use a toothy bristol vellum finish that artists will love for charcoal and graphite sketching.


  • Notebook style has 80 pages front and back (40 sheets)
  • Sketchbook style has 60 pages front and back (30 sheets)
  • Soft cover with printed coverstock
  • Black metal spine
  • Sturdy chipboard backing


  • Blank - No lines, dots, or graphs to constrain your writing or doodles!
  • Lined - Traditional solid lined paper that's perfect for taking notes, journaling, or any kind of writing. 
  • Graph - Traditional solid lined graph paper for plotting graphs and making precise sketches. 
  • Bullet - Grid of dots that's perfect for bullet journaling or drawing. 
  • Sketchbook - Blank bristol vellum pages that's great for charcoal and graphite sketches.